Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sound Collector coming soon!

Well, this is exciting. At the end of February, I'll be releasing my first e-book, a novella called The Sound Collector. It will be available for all e-reader platforms, both in the U.S. and internationally, for just $1.99.

To whet your appetite even more, here's what the book's about:

For two decades, the Poet’s words have given order and meaning to Jay’s life as a quality control inspector in a match factory. Jay lives by the Poet as others may live by their favorite musician or band, memorizing every poem in each collection, and going to as many readings as he can manage. Instead of recording bootlegs, however, Jay collects the sound vibrations of the poems in small glass jars, capturing their essence. After a chance encounter with a stranger starts him yearning to connect with people, not just words, Jay’s life is revealed to him for the first time as terribly lonely. But is it too late to reinvent himself?