Thursday, March 6, 2008


As I'm sure everyone knows, April is National Poetry Month, and November is National Novel Writing Month. Both are simply awesome.

So I am officially combining both ideas and announcing that April is herefore Refrigerator Poetry Writing Month.

What is that, you ask? Simple. Here are the rules.

1. Create a poem every day during April, using only refrigerator poetry magnets.

2. Multiple boxes of refrigerator poetry magnets about any and all themes and in multiple languages are perfectly acceptable.

3. No line limit. Go as short or as long as the muse requires.

4. All types of poetry and subject matter are acceptable: free verse, sonnets, pantoums, you name it.

5. All work MUST BE ORIGINAL. This is a biggie. If it didn't spring, Athena-like, from your very own brain, it does not count.

That's it! I will be doing this, and posting a photo every April day on this blog. I hope you will join me, and add your poems in the comments. (I don't think you can post photos in the comments, so you'l have to type them in. We'll take it as an article of faith that you are using refrigerator poetry magnets to create your work.)


Louise said...

I am looking forward to the challenge! I am a children's librarian and I am going to see if we can do something here with the teens in APRIL to also take part!

I would love to hear of some ideas of how to 'reward' them for thier poetry 'work'. Perhaps a open mike night?

rhino writer said...

Hi, Louise. An open mic night sounds like a great idea! If you have wall space, they could also print out their poems and have an exhibit, illustrated if they want.

Post some here as well! I'd love to see them.

decay said...

Cool! I'm in!

-Dave Kapell
Inventor, Magnetic Poetry