Saturday, April 9, 2011


For Christmas, I got a set of Haikubes, which are word blocks you roll and create a haiku out of. You also roll for the theme of your poem. The haiku structure is 3 lines of 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables.

Refrigerator poetry is much easier! I don't do so well being directed, but it is interesting. Here's my fabulous creation:

Want to play? Same theme: "a vision for my future." Here are the blocks; I hope you can read them!

Have fun!


Margaret D said...

they tried her brother
following his lurid licks
shelter left behind

eww a little creepy. Too much Kay Scarpetta!

rhino writer said...

Creepy is right! Or perhaps tartan noir. I cheated on the haiku: my first "assignment" was a rant on the state of the world, and all the cubes were things like "killing" and "death" and I decided to try again.

Elizabeth said...

Whoa, this is hard when there is a theme AND the poem has to be a haiku!

I'm not entirely certain if the second image contains cubes to be used, so I only used cubes from the first image:

an empty fortune
left behind boy shines window
swimming timidly

Elizabeth said...

How are the blank cubes to be used? (Can one be stacked on top of two cubes to chop off the end and beginning of the bottom cubes??)

Dataryder said...

empty fortune tried
left behind to shelter his
lurid brother please

rhino writer said...

Yes, the second image certainly does have usable words, I just couldn't fit them all into one photo and have it still be readable.

Nice haikus all round! I don't know what the blank cubes are for; it doesn't say. Maybe to put a space between thoughts instead of a period?