Friday, April 1, 2011

ooh, breezy

Happy Poetry Month! Here's to words for all, in various arrangements. If you don't have poetry magnets and want to play along, you could cut out words from magazines and stuff and still get the random chance, which is the fun part. We had to repaint our fridge because the magnets made it rust so badly.

And without further ado, here's the RePo for the day:

The Amazing D had no idea what this poem is about, unusually for him. Do you? Maybe I am out of practice. If you are baffled, ask in the comments and I will reveal all, so to speak.


Margaret D said...

my sisters voice
surprises us
through her gift of story

rhino writer said...

Nice! Found your magnets, or just feeling inspired?

Susan Stayer said...

Hmmm... I'm not sure I know what it's about.

rhino writer said...

Shoot, really? The joy of the pants-free lifestyle. From what I've heard, that is!

Elizabeth said...

Excellent!! I love the poem!

Its meaning seems clear to me. Of course there's no green grass here yet and it's not nearly warm enough to go pantless.