Friday, April 15, 2011

unseasonable woe

Another group project with the Amazing D and this time the French kit. Here's a translation of what it's supposed to mean:

I shiver in the rain
the wind still snows
my wet skin
sun is never with us
the raw wind has me crying
this stupid week!
if only it was warm
that's not okay
I need a bath by the fire
why autumn?


Elizabeth said...

Je sais qu'il est mauvais de rire des malheurs d'un autre, mais je ne peux pas resister.

I love this poem!!

And I agree. WHAT have we done to deserve this cold rainy weather in the middle of April?!

(Well done using your French tiles.)

rhino writer said...

Rire away! I'm afraid that I'm forecasting the weather by posting these poems -- today is dreadful. Hopefully the next poem will bring some warmth.

Susan S. said...

My favorite part is: "the raw wind has me crying this stupid week!"

This poem really captures the misery of being out in nasty weather!